Intelligent electricity meter

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Instructor: Poul Væggemose
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Language: English
Semester: 7
Term: Autumn 2011

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Intelligent electricity meter is a system designed to offload the power grid while saving money for its users.

The system consists of a water tank, which is used to store warm water and battery, which is used to store electrical energy.

The system has an industrial computer with sensors on the water tank and on the battery. These provide information to the main application, which, also obtains data about weather forecast from DMI and electricity prices from Nordpoolspot electricity stock market. Based on all of these data the system makes a decision if it should buy electricity(activate battery charger, activate heaters in the water tank) or if it should sell or use stored energy.

The system stores all of these decisions in the database which can provide data about how is the house doing. Since the data are stored for every decision ever made the system can search for patterns in the data and get smarter. All this data are accessible via webservice which means that any device with webservice client can access it and display information about current status of the system.

The system has easy setup, which requires very few settings to be done by user, and the rest is figured out by the system automatically. (user can set up the max temperature he wants to have in the tank or deactivate system alltogether)

The system is fully scalable and can be used as industrial solution. It can use service oriented architecture to be controlled from anywhere (for example by electricity providing companies).

Video 1: Intro video to Intelligent Electricity Meter
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